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Faith Fingerprints

The metaphor of a fingerprint is common to us all. Everyone has a set of unique fingerprints which are yours from birth…


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Church Leadership Training & Development

Personalize your faith and know why you are persuaded to believe

Personal beliefs and faith positions are multi-dimensional and are the products of your values, motivations, personalities, experiences, and loyalties. You believe something because you are persuaded by the evidence that you accept as important. 

  • Do you know what evidence persuades you and what evidence you dismiss?
  • Would you like the skills to truly see what someone else sees or hear what someone else hears so that you can connect with them?
  • Are you struggling to communicate your faith in a conversational and non-confrontational manner?

Engage Consulting Services offers specific educational training and practical tools that help you discover your values so that you learn who you are, why you care so much about a certain position, why others care so little, and how you are formulating your beliefs.


We offer church leaders and pastors the awareness and practical tools that will equip them to connect with a spiritual generation and communicate faith in a relevant manner to those in their sphere of influence.

Online Workshops

Our professional, personalized, peer group interactive online training for church leaders allows them the flexibility to schedule training at their own pace and the interaction with a variety of other church leaders regardless of geographical location or denominational affiliation.

In-House Training

Our professional, personalized, peer group in-house training for church and denominational leaders provides a "safe" learning environment where the awareness of different faith journeys can build an appreciation for community and denominational faith positions yet allow for discussions that consider new approaches to communicating those faith positions.

With offices in British Columbia, Ontario, and Newfoundland, ENGAGE Consulting can offer services throughout Canada and the United States.  Look over our website, read the blog, and discover the many products and services that are available to you and your ministry team.  Connect with us at any time to find out more information or to discuss specialized training for your team.

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